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Decentralized/P2P virtual private network (VPN)

Well, I've received some experience and found that it is impossible to build a truly p2p network using wg. I want to clearly describe why and how it happened. There are 3 types of peers in wireguard: ...
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CLI tool to find the best match of a reference image in a directory

You could quite simply roll your own with Python + SciKit.Image starting from the example given here for Structural Similarity. You might find this article also useful.
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EVE2 Asset Builder for Linux Ubuntu

From what I understand from the process you should exec two steps: Step one: convert to proper JPEG format. This can be done with ImageMagick package, available in probably every linux distribution. ...
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When awk becomes too cumbersome, what is the next classic Unix tool to consider to deal with text transformation?

Here is my opinion about this question: lex/yacc, flex/bison are mostly lexical analyzer/parser(s) and expect as input text in specific language. And provide as output C, Java, C++, etc. So for me ...
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Linux server management tool

(i am the author of the project) Squirrel Servers Manager is a free , open source project using Ansible under the hood. You can automate playbook execution, gather system metrics and manage docker ...
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Software for storing contacts

The other approach is to use a web-based app called Monica. It is opensource. Can be self-hosted or run in the cloud for a small fee. It will run on Linux under Apache/Php/MySql. It can handle ...
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Sign PDF fields with CAC card in Linux

Not that I am aware of. I currently run VirtualBox as root to passthrough the USB reader. And I disable network access to a Windows VM to sign PDFs with acrobat.
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