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Convert S3M, XM and MOD files to flac/mp3 preserving tags

Not sure about the tags (did not play with mod files for decades, but you can try xrecode. This software can convert mod files to flac for sure, do not have examples of other formats to test.
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How to Recover Data from RAID1 or RAID0 (QNAP TS-219P+)?

So, I tried some of the programs listed above and R-Studio and Hetman RAID Recovery read my drives from the RAID array without any problems. They configured it correctly and displayed all the data.
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Offline passphrase generator for Linux

The "software" and dictionary(s) to pull words from probably already exist on a Linux machine. Ubuntu users can look in /usr/share/dict for dictionaries. To pull a list of random words from ...
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Scrolling screen capture app for Linux

I too would like a scrolling screen capture app for Linux.  In the mean time, I have a partial solution if your content can be displayed in a non-maximized window. In Gnome, the Print Screen (PrtSc) ...
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Open-source operating system alternatives/replacements to Android for Smartphones and their supported device list

A list of Android-based ROMs from here: /e/OS AIM-ROM AncientROM Android Ice Cold Project AOSiP (Android Open Source Illusion Project) AOSPExtended ArrowOS Awaken OS BaikalOS BlissRoms Bootleggers ...
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Software to open or convert old Paint Shop Pro (*.psp) graphic files on GNU/Linux?

XnView MP is able to open PSP files. From there you can save as other formats. (With XnView version 0.98.4 (there are newer versions) on Kubuntu 20.04 I was able to open PSP file format version 7.0 ...
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Free OCR software that makes a PDF searchable (with searchable text at the right place)

Pdf2searchablepdf: I wrote it. Uses Tesseract. Cross platform.
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