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Is there any HDD Regenerator alternative for Linux

I can not think of a situation where it's not preferred to actually clone the drive to an error free drive using for example ddrescue or HDDSuperClone rather than make potentially harmful in place ...
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Vim plugins and configuration to make it behaves and look like Sublime?

You can use the subvim configuration, it is customised to be like Sublime. Also there are many pre-configured Vim and Neovim like lunarvim, spacevim, nvchad, lazyvim and so on, that all have all these ...
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Linux Desktop Search Program

In Linux Mate desktop using caja file manager. Switch caja to display external drive (assuming it is mounted) and run search command in caja.
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Linux tool to automatically grab and store URLs from clipboard

CopyQ will definitely do what you want. You can configure it to watch the clipboard and then act on any URLs that are copied to it. You will have to write a short script to get it to do exactly what ...
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Contact manager for Linux with good support for vCard version 4.0

You could try Thunderbird + CardBook extension. I can't test it with anything, but according to their repository, its features are: Access to all vCard data Supports vCard 3.0 and vCard 4.0 (default) ...
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