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-1 - Rallly is a free collaborative scheduling service .also with docker-compose


Survey monkey is really easy and you can set more advanced metrics. I have used it in market research and it has everything you need and you can even do A/B testing for different questions. Good luck!!


This isn't an exact match to your requirement for two-way links, but Zim Wiki will link pages based on keywords and also display all the backlinks to a given page. This is suited to more of a freeform network of text nodes than to a set of pairs of nodes that reference each other. In addition, it supports tags, so that you can apply a tag to multiple pages ...


I did a search for "polls" and found these. Rather than a specific site, I recommend using a Wiki where everyone can add, change, and share the site equally in a public or private environment. Little effort is necessary to set things up just the way you want them. Have a look at

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