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I have found a service ( that does what I wanted but one of the comments suggested screen sharing (at least in Jitsy Meet) doesn't cause that much bandwidth.


Another to add to your list is Jitsi: It meets all the requirements you have listed and in addition works on Linux, Android and iOS.


The easiest way is to trust your students to self assess and include links marked for beginners & for intermediate in the single PFD. Otherwise you can have 3 pdfs one for each level of hints content with the links (or lack of links) in and send them to the appropriate sub-groups of students. One possible location to store such hints, (perfect for ...


You could try TopAnswers TopAnswers is what Stack Overflow should be: focused on communities and knowledge sharing, not profit. We share some of the same aims: Focus on questions and answers. Everything else we do is to help us produce useful questions and answers. Keep the signal:noise ratio high with a voting system that helps good answers ...

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