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Open source self hostable documentation tool needed

BookStack may be close to what you're looking for. It supports lots of account-related features, file uploads and various WYSIWYG formatitng tools including the ones you listed. And the UI is ...
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Markdown editor with preview supporting footnotes

Just discovered that my favorite OS X/macOS markdown editor, MacDown, supports footnotes as well ("Enabled by default in Preferences > Markdown"). The footnote syntax is very ...
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Best free alternative for Quizlet

After some search, I managed to find the perfect alternative, This website has the same functionality as Quizlet, and what I was looking for. It also supports importing sets from Quizlet, ...
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Web app that is largely configurable (rather than requiring coding from the start)

You can also check [1]: as they are also having low code platform like They are more easy to work with, caters to both government and private projects. ...
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Lightweight web interface for Git that can browse files and make commits

You might wish to take a look at forgejo – which is what I use on a BananaPi here for years (well, it was named Gitea when I started with it and forked rather recently – but then, Gitea started as a ...
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