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Freeware program to convert big PDF eg 200MB PDF, to RTF, and compatible with Windows 7?

From GUI apps, Calibre can convert PDFs to RTFs decently, but not perfectly - which is to be expected as conversion from PDF is usually more or less lossy. Earlier versions - < 3.48 - work on ...
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Absolutely Free PDF Tools (Compress, Merge, Split, etc) software for Windows. (Not Web Based)

QPDF is a good option: QPDF is a command-line tool and C++ library that performs content-preserving transformations on PDF files. It supports linearization, encryption, ...
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Python module for converting PDF to text

You can use Spire.PDF for Python to convert PDF to text. The spacing and positioning of the text will be retained during the text extraction. from spire.pdf import * from spire.pdf.common import * # ...
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PDF parsing library compatible with .NET Core

PdfLib CORE is a library for modern .NET Core applications to edit and read PDF files. Snippet from the var dpiX, dpiY = 300D; var i = 0; using var pdfDocument = new PdfDocument(File.Open(&...
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Free PDF text highlighter: how to permanently highlight all occurences of a word at once?

You can use PyMuPDF python library Example program: import fitz highlights = ["word1", "word2"] doc ="input.pdf") for page ...
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JavaScript or Java. How to extract text and text coordinates from a PDF file?

The PDF4Java library can extract the information you need from a PDF file. Sample code below shows how to extract the positions of text runs, glyphs and images. import com.o2sol.pdf4java....
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Free OCR software that makes a PDF searchable (with searchable text at the right place)

Pdf2searchablepdf: I wrote it. Uses Tesseract. Cross platform.
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