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The company I work for has a document-conversion product called LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional that runs under Windows and includes OCR features. You can either open an image using the ePrint Workstation application or print to the ePrint printer from any Windows application, perform OCR, then save the result as text, PDF, RTF or many other formats. There’...


I strongly suggest taking a look at Evernote which is primarily aimed at the academic world, it features depending on the selected plan: Note taking with stylus support & audio notes PDF storage, organisation & searching PDF Markup Office Support Web Clipping Sharing within groups, etc. Collaboration Cross Platform Support including Mobile Web ...


I think you are looking for pandoc - the universal document converter. I just tried this command, and it created a PDF from the txt. pandoc -i my-upgrade-notes.txt -o my-upgrade-notes.pdf


From what I understand, you need to convert a whole folder of images into PDF, organize it and turn it into a4 sizes. This can all be done easily using online PDF editors and converters. Try DeftPDF's JPEG to PDF tool. You can upload as many images as you like and organize it by drag and drop. Once organized, select the preferred page size, orientation, and ...

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