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Syncfusion Essential PDF and PdfViewer library is compatible with .NET Core 3.0 WPF and using this we can able to manipulate (like create, read and edit) and view PDF documents. Please refer the below documentation for more details,


Syncfusion’s Essential PDF is a .NET library that allows users to create, read, and manipulate PDF files. It also supports various conversions such as office documents to PDF, HTML to PDF, XPS to PDF, etc. without the Adobe or Microsoft Office dependency. The whole suite of controls is available for free (commercial applications also) through the community ...


There are some online PDF-converter: pdf to word converter online smallpdf PDF to DOC converter


I think one of those will help you: (I prefer this one)

0 Science Parse parses scientific papers (in PDF form) and returns them in structured form. As of today, it supports these fields: […] Sections (each with heading and body text). Apache License 2.0 written in Java. To use it with Python, see

0 no longer maintained no license focuses on academic articles

0 + extract information from scholarly documents the two repos are Apache-2.0 Full text extraction and structuring from PDF articles, including a model for the overall document segmentation and models for the structuring of the text body (paragraph, section titles, ...


I have worked with two PDF modules: PyPDF2 and pdfminer.six PDFminer.six is more reliable than PyPDF2 but 6 times slower (timed). Here is a working code example for PDFminer.six, the documentation is a little sparse:

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