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Python library to update PDF metadata

I took over the pypdf and PyPDF2 projects and merged them. pypdf is the way to go. We use the BSD license. We also have docs about how to write metadata from pypdf import PdfReader, PdfWriter reader =...
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Open source alternative to Docusign?

We are currently building one here, called Documenso:
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How can I remove all password requirements from a PDF?

This method works for MacOS. Open the file in Click File > Export... Click the checkbox Create Linearized PDF. Save, it should now have the password removed.
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PDF reader that zooms to omit left+right (vertical) margins

Librera Reader has an autocrop button. It's convenient to use in conjunction with the lock button to prevent left/right scrolling. Tap in the middle of the page to show/hide the menu. When Wi-Fi or ...
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Any PDF reader with continuous horizontal scrolling?

The PDF reader that comes built into Zotero has this feature and I really like it. Zotero is also a great way to organise your documents.
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Extract all the highlighted text from a PDF

ReMarkable Web (MIT license) can export highlights: Deployment: (max 4 MB/PDF) Repository: Demo:
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Free software to condense multiple images into pdf by folder?

A popular CLI app you can use is ImageMagick. All you do is execute this command in chosen directory: magick dirname\* test.pdf Which you can recurse for subdirectories with any kind of loop within ...
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Is there any software to find lookalike image in PDFs?

Your best shot is to extract the pdf images and use image search. extract images e.g. with Recommendations for such software here
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Raw PDF structure viewer

You can use cpdf -output-json [-output-json-content-streams] in.pdf -o out.json. qpdf has similar functionality but without the ability to parse the content streams. You can alter the JSON file, then ...
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Remove margins from PDFs

I just wanted to let you know that DeftPDF has a crop tool that can be used to crop specific parts of a PDF document. This means you can easily remove any unwanted areas from the document. ...

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