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There is a very good article on GUI tools for MySQL here: dbForge Studio, HeidiSQL and Toad Edge are ones I remember trying in the past, but you can decide via the pros and cons mentioned for each one in that article (the screenshots too can give you a hint on which to try first)


So as performance was mentioned, C++ is the language of choice then. One of the GUI APIs was already mentioned Qt, which seems to be a wery popular GUI API. I personaly not a fan of Qt so will point to the alternative, which is wxWidgets. wxWidgets is cross-platform and open sorce, but other then Qt it´s 100% standard C++ without custom keywords.


You might like, which is free, and lets you build nice GUIs by point-and-click. Programming is in Pascal. Alternatively, there is TKinter, also free, which is more-or-less the default GUI library for the Python language. Although I find it easier to do many manipulations of various kinds of objects in Python I often find that I ...


In addition / alternative of Qt, you could also try GTK (used in Gnome) or FLTK or FOX. If you develop a gaming application, try SFML. Perhaps you want OpenGL support? Do you care abound sound ? 2D or 3D drawings ? GTK is usable from C code, from C++ code (with GTKmm), from Ocaml code (with lablgtk), from Python code, etc.... All of Qt and GTK and FLTK and ...


Best language: I don't think anybody can answer this satisfactorily. Just pick what you are best and most comfortable at. However, I would recommend to pick an object-oriented language for GUI development (particularly if it is going to be a big project). Best framework: I would highly recommend you take a look at It's probably the most ...


Have a look at Electron, is the framework behind: Visual Studio Code Facebook Messenger Twitch Slack Figma etc...


Never have used any such tool for building Java GUI myself, but posibly WindowBuilder could be what you search.

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