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Reminder software for regular chores around the house

I use TickTick for this. It will synchronize your reminders across pretty much every platform going. I use it on Windows, Ubuntu, Android and Mac. Entering a task on one will provide reminders on ...
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Looking for free software to create a topological map of a network

ntop/ntopng/nprobe are also worth a closer look. Scroll down on linked page for sccreenshots. There is an option to visualize "flows" between machines. Not sure if it cool visualizations ...
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Simple Markdown viewer for Ubuntu (standalone program, not something that requires usage of an internet browser)

Apostrophe Distro Available Command Fedora 39 Yes dnf install apostrophe Ubuntu 24.04 Yes apt install apostrophe Pos!_OS 24.04 Yes apt install apostrophe Debian 12 Yes apt install apostrophe ...
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