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Linux text editor with integrated diff

Adding to @ivanivan's answer, when I opened Meld (version 3.22.0) I found out that there is an option in the welcome screen called Blank comparison: It turns out that this does what the question is ...
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Simply drawing electronical circuits, no simulation, no PCB

I used Eagle to draw schematic during my undergraduate years. It is one of the common tool used by student and hobbyist. Download it here:
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Best free alternative for Quizlet

Nooglia replicates quizlet learn and works pretty well. If you disable multiple choice questions in settings, you can get the behavior you want.
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Gratis and GUI program to create separate compressed file archives (e.g., .zip or .7z) for each selected file/directory

PeaZip has the functionality you are looking for. Here is more information about this feature Specifically there is written: ...
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Free software to record webcam on Windows that will keep recording in background and even if the computer in locked

ffmpeg will do this, scriptable, etc. You need to get the windows port, but syntax is relatively the same.
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