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There is also OMGSVG. That link is the web front-end for testing, but it can also standalone on your pc as a Node application. How to do this is explained on the README page on github. This tool is for folks who want to alter the SVG with code (JavaScript programmers)


Not particularly expensive, for Windows, is a program called Allway Sync. The free version allows trial configurations, but when usage reaches an undetermined point, money is required. It allows for local to local drive synchronization, local to external sync, folder to folder sync, just about anything you can imagine. The profiles can be individually to ...


What about ActivityWatch? It does not have a calender yet, but I use it to track different activities quite efficiently.


TL;DR: afaik there is still no app, but open source backends now exist, so maybe it is easy to wrap it in a keyboard application I've started to build a prototype. About 5 years ago I discovered voice typing by google and enjoyed it very much. Then I banned google from my phone and had since to arrange without voice typing. Back then there weren't any open ...

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