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Voice segmentation from WAV or MP3 file (like Karaoke)

I found vocal-separate to work with Udio generated songs. However, I could not get the Source Code to work, even I have quite some experience with Python. So I used the pre-compiled release instead. ...
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Assign a sound to each key / key combination

Meanwhile I have implemented something similar myself as part of a trainee project. I call it Soundkey. should work on Windows (7 and 10 at least) It's a .NET application. It should certainly work ...
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Image viewer with continuous stream of photos without having to click on each folder ("infinite scroll")

You can do this with e.g. XnView MP. It has a Show files in subfolders button in toolbar, while in folder view:
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Where to get a demo/fake/dummy Windows device device that does nothing?

The Windows Driver Samples repo (from Microsoft) offers you an official selection of drivers to build yourself including "Hello World" drivers. I am sure that you can find something to meet ...
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Seeking media player that enables user to launch another program with currently displayed file

Poking around some more, I've found pyvidplayer2. It plays videos in Python, has a built-in GUI, and provides various ways of controlling the display of the video being displayed.
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Seeking media player that enables user to launch another program with currently displayed file

VideoPlayerMpv has some rudimentary scripting capabilities and configurable hotkeys. You can assign to e.g. Ctrl+E (like here: script ...
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SOCKS proxy server for Windows

There's also shinysocks, it's multi platform (Windows/Linux/macOS) and it's open-source (GPL-3.0 license).
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Alternative to G-MScreen in Windows

Since some time, I created a Python script that works as an alternative to g-mscreen using some reverse engineering. I published an exe version on this forum (Arabic):
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Windows file managers that can display file sizes with binary prefixes

OneCommander. Available in MS Store Honestly Idk about prefixes, but it allows you to see file sizes in killo instead of the thing. Stack overflow asked me to provide a link, so here it is: https://...
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Cheap and portable text expander for Windows

I found the espanso to be helpful. open-source cross-platform written in Rust installer and portable version available Win/Mac/Linux
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Program to draw anywhere on screen

gInk I use gInk, an open source (and much better) alternative to Epic Pen Quoting everything below from its GitHub: Introduction gInk is an on-screen annotation software under Windows, used to help ...
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Software to text-search a LARGE set of files (ebooks)

Look also for Archivarius3000. It indexes your harddisk(s) fully and then finds the wished word(s) or complete sentences within seconds.
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