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Flashlight app for Android that can adjust the intensity of the camera's flash (light)

Disclosure: I am the author of FlashDim You can check out FlashDim:
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Free software to block specific websites only for a specific Android device

If you really want go down the rabbit hole, a professional proxy service with deep packet inspection is inevitable. If it's more like for parental control for a younger kid, Pihole is your friend. You ...
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Android app to view the network usage history over the past 12 hours

Reddit user pH9654 pointed me to GlassWire Data Usage Monitor (gratis). It allows users to view the network activity for a given day by groups of 3 hours:
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Android application that can concatenate two videos without re-encoding the videos

You can run ffmpeg also on Android by utilizing environment like Termux. Install it with a command like: pkg install -y ffmpeg and grant it access to files. Rooting may or not be required depending ...
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