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Phone dialer app that allows you to disable the proximity sensor?

I know this topic is old but I will post the solution that has worked for me after a long and hard search. Install an android app called "Right Dialer" from Google Play, link here https://...
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Way to manage your address book

This is a summary of how to solve your issue, which we mostly discussed in comments above. This is how I do it myself on my Android phone for thousands of contacts: I use the native contacts App in ...
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Photo/Video recording app that collects and exports accelerometer/gyroscope sensor data

I think I finally found one: It's a whole system to produce stabilized videos (which is what I wanted to do as well) but their app alone does what I wanted (export data), so ...
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Android apps that can blank background during video calls

I don't think this can be done in software alone. Apple has a structure known as 'Centre Stage' which does precisely this - it can follow the subject as they move & maintain framing - but it can ...
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Android install/uninstall log

I don't know of a specific app, but google supports three ways of viewing your android apps. will show all the apps you've ever installed via your google account. ...
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Way to manage your address book

I use Nextcloud for this with its Contacts app and the native addressbook/contacts app that ships with my ROM (LineageOS). On Android, I can select via my labels when tapping the Hamburger menu at the ...
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Alternative to that isn't buggy and slow (reusable checklists)

Trello is the finest substitute, and it's free. Some of it's features include: Checklists Kanban Board Search by tags Content Filtering Support for @mentions Project Management List management Export ...

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