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TubeMate is something you should definitely look into. Make sure to only download it from the official website or one of the mirrors there. It can also be used with other video streaming websites.


Not sure what you are referring to, literally just downloaded a video with NewPipe. NewPipe a FOSS project with an active community, your best course would most likely be to find whether others are experiencing the same issue you have, and if not, report your issue in their issue tracker


SMS to URL forwarder Android app can do this. P.S. I am the author.


Updated my answer, as you changed the focus from password sync to a more general sync. I'm going on a limb here, and suggest that an open-source chromium based solution with an out-of-the-box password sync doesn't exist to sync Linux and Android. (One of the reason I abandoned chromium based browsers myself as much as I can) The most complete list of ...

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