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I am using NordVPN if that matters. I personally prefer IVPN, but respect your choice. All that you have to do is activate NordVPN's kill switch ... From How to enable the NordVPN kill switch : A kill switch is a VPN feature that helps protect your sensitive data in case your VPN connection goes down. In this event, it safeguards your IP address and ...


Use Nano/Pico from the terminal. Opens in less than a second and you can use it remotely through SSH.


I've found that the solution is to use Gulp with additional packages (namely Panini to compile html). Here are some of the packages I've used: gulp — runs other packages (see below), moves files from source to distribution directory. panini — handles compiling HTML files from templates, plus other useful stuff like adding 'active' classes to menu items and ...


Visual Studio Code supports Markdown with a preview pane: Just click "Open Preview" Or from the Command Palette: From Ivan's answer on another question: VS Code supports highlighting, live preview, header folding, and other Markdown features (see an official description). Moreover, there are plenty of markdown plugins that improve productivity: Code ...

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