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Davinci Resolve is free, fantastic and works on mac. I have found it comparable to sony vegas, premier pro and final cut pro. Go for Resolve 16 and not the studio edition.


Solved: I found that GIMP have plugins and tools that I think they don’t exist. I will stay with GIMP! Thanks for all recommendations and tips about gimp! Tips I learned: Hold shift to make straight line There are hundrents off plugins for everything you like such as isometric grid GIMP is still one of the best paint tool for game graphics for free you can ...


Things ( is a simple yet extremely powerful task manager for macOS and iOS. It offers automation with the Things ULS scheme (, where you can create lists you need again and again.


Versions ( is a SVN client. It was last updated however (as of March 2020) in March 2018.


Two other package managers are MacPorts and Fink.


The combination of Python/Jupyter/Pandas and graphing suites such as HoloViz should give you what you need with minimal coding and good interactivity. You can get the full installation in a few simple steps: Install Anaconda or Miniconda if you don't have it already Open the conda prompt and conda create -n holoviz python=3.7 conda activate holoviz conda ...

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