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You can try Bryntum, It has a Gantt Chart and also a Scheduler which specializes in scheduling.


I was looking for sequelize. Protipp: check out sequelize auto migrations, it can be found on It allows the creation of SQL relational data schemas within JS. One problem is, is that migration need to either be written manually, or the SQL shema be created before deployment. This can be solved by sequelize auto migrations, which will ...


Syncfusion Essential Gantt for JavaScript is an option to consider. Sample with source code We can show the time scale in Hour-Minute combination by setting the timelineSettings.timelineViewMode property as Hour. In this mode, the upper tier displays the hours and the lower tier displays the corresponding minutes of the hour. The following code snippet ...


I've embedded this in my Localization package: import { Language } from 'com.recoyxgroup.localization'; let {country} = Language('en-US'); country.getName('en-US'); // English (United States) country.toString(); // en-US Only specific languages are linked to a Country, so, currently retrieving country from less known languages would result in null. To link ...


You can look at this extensive package, it covers a lot of different variants i18n-iso-countries npm install i18n-iso-countries


If you want to consider a commercial product, you could look at the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer for web (Disclaimer: I am an employee of the vendor that distributes the LEADTOOLS SDK) It can load and save different types of documents including all of the Office formats (without using MSO) as well as PDF. You can test it yourself with your files at the ...

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