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Nebula Graph is an open source graph database written in C++. It also supports index. Take a look and see if it fits your needs.


Sprout "C++11/14 constexpr based Containers, Algorithms, Random numbers, Parsing, Ray tracing, Synthesizer, and others." by Bolero Murakami (I think that's the name) Websites: Main site | GitHub Repo. C++11 No releases, use the master branch Updated rarely Boost Software License Caveats: I haven't tried it. If it's C++11-based, there may be ...


GCEM - Generalized constexpr Math by Keith O'Hara Websites: Main site | GitHub Repo. C++11 Template-oriented Last release: 1.12.0, May 2019 Updated occasionally Additional features of interest, from the library's website: Continued fraction expansions and series expansions are implemented using recursive templates. The gcem:: syntax is identical to the C+...


nQuantCpp includes top 6 color quantization algorithms for visual c++ producing high quality optimized images. As you mentioned about Riemersma, I would like to know if Riemersma dithering works apart from gray-scale image.

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