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Javascript client library to resize images and change their canvas size

If you set width in percentage, the pictures get nicely resized. For more advanced setting, use code such as .hide {display:none!important} @media (min-width:1px) and (max-width: 587px) {.hide-small{...
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Determine file type from its content (not trusting the .extension)

Magika was released last week: AI-powered file-type identification system, to help others accurately detect binary and textual file types. Under the hood, Magika employs a custom, highly optimized ...
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C++ library that include std::vector, std::array and std::span functionality but with different size types and with capacity versions

After a short search I found pector which allows specifying the size/index type as a template parameter to its vector equivalent. It doesn't have equivalents to span or array though. Luckily both span ...
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