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Simple cross-platform window/input C library to render raw pixel arrays

Tsoding uses SDL to do this: SDL_Window *window = NULL; SDL_Renderer *renderer = NULL; { if (SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO) < 0) return_defer(1); window = SDL_CreateWindow(&...
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I need a Java library that simplifies math equations

You can use the Symja - Java computer algebra and symbolic math library. import org.matheclipse.core.eval.ExprEvaluator; import org.matheclipse.core.expression.F; import org.matheclipse.core....
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Data validation library in Python and user defined rules

Python's built in CSV support lets you import a CSV file and manipulate it. You can do this as rows to iterate over (and filter): import csv def filter_file(filename: str): with open(filename, ...
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Library for programmatically merging, flattening and extracting PDF with XFA forms

The LEADTOOLS PDF SDK Libraries contain extensive form field support, including loading XML Forms Architecture (XFA) files, as detailed in this help topic. (Disclosure: I work for the SDK's vendor). I ...
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