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You can call ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent for capturing the images through device camera. For 'n' no. of photos, call the intent 'n' number of times. This is useful if you want the user to take a fixed number of photos, you can refer the answer given here. Alternatively you can also use INTENT_ACTION_STILL_IMAGE_CAMERA intent for keeping the camera in still ...


Hazelcast For your problem I recommend hazelcast. ReplicatedMap Made for extensive read operations. Allow you to write custom serialization and deserialization classes which decrease CPU cost while reading and writing. Sql-Support Allow you to run SQL query on top of your map. Allow you to make indexes on map variables which makes custom retrieval so ...


To return the relative frequency in 1 million words of the word "smartass", query: and extract the result from the json returned, e.g. with python like (the score is NOT the count): import requests _wait = 0.5 def get_freq(term): response = None while True: try: ...


Yes there is. I think the code in my repository is exactly what you are looking for.

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