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If you are on windows and really need to edit moderately large files (<2 GB) then Notepad++ is a good option: Free Powerful Reasonably simple to use On Linux/Mac/Windows you can use vim but it will get slow on large files and may crash on very large (>10GB) files: Free Very Powerful Not so simple to use especially if you use it infrequently However,...


If it is only viewing and not editing such large files then you should take a look onto the open source Multi-Platform log viewer klogg. It is pretty fast, allows to filter the opened files and highlight certain elements.


I have used the "crisp" text editor for large data files and have never found a file size limit either in line width or in number of lines. It has been around for a long time. It has a myriad of advanced editing modes including hex, macros, search/replace, and many others. It is commercial. Available on linux, windows, and mac. I still use a 10 ...


FreeCommander can do what you want. To change sorting behaviour, go to: Settings > View > File/folder list > Sort From there, you can select from: Natural Sorting (which is like Windows) Alphabetical - String Alphabetical - Word The benefits of FreeCommander as a Windows Explorer replacement is that the functionality is much, much more advanced ...

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