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Found it: Augeas - a configuration API Augeas is a configuration editing tool. It parses configuration files in their native formats and transforms them into a tree. Configuration changes are made by manipulating this tree and saving it back into native config files. It is a C library but provides Python bindings.


I would suggest keeping an eye out for pandas official documentation on IO. One's option keeps changing based on the development cycle and new formats get added all time. They also publish the benchmark.


First some background: A part of the magic of python is the pip & install tools which will fetch and install libraries and their dependencies. However, sometimes the library or it's dependency includes platform specific binary code built from other languages such as C & C++. The initial solution to dealing with these was to distribute the source ...


Finally I went for OCRmyPDF (, which uses tesseract for the actual OCR part ( - as I understand tesseract is a OCR tool that has been open-sourced by Google. OCRmyPDF has great documentation, also works from the command line and has many language packs: ocrmypdf -l eng ...

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