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Have a look at the 'youate' android app in the play store. It provides a visual timeline of the foods you have eaten, relating that to your health and allows you to store notes on recipes. The only 'food diary' that I know of that, that also has a web app is MyFitnessPal but it doesn't meet your criteria as it's complicated and focused on calorie counting.


Just in case anybody stumbles across this I have experimented with using Python to do this task: import re import datetime striptrail = re.compile(r',+\n') # Regular Expression for trailing commas started = # For timing with open("stripped.txt", 'wt') as outfile: # Output file with open("bigfile.txt", 'rt') as infile: # Input ...


I did some work on code from Michael Heilmann and Noah H. Smith which attempts to tackle this issue (question generation from text), and can be used as starting point for further research: This is from around 2010, so 10 years old. There has probably been more research since then, ...

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