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5 votes

Simple and free book library management system (ILS) for a small library

The best solution out there that fits my requirements is: BiblioteQ It is: Free and open source: GitHub. Self contained and offline. Windows, Linux and MAC compatible (For both x86 and ARM ...
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4 votes

Edit and search/browse image metadata

In researching the same thing for the same reason on the same system I've discovered: Shotwell: jExifToolGUI: Dolphin file ...
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1 vote

Software to catalogue private physical book library

Calibre for ebooks, it's free and runs on Windows, OSX and Linux
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1 vote

Tag MP3s using (user-specified) CDDB Disc ID

Turns out Mp3Tag does the job easily.
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1 vote

Collaborative tree/hierarchical note taking software

How about Emacs's Org mode? Hierarchical/tree based structuring of notes — Check. This is its most characteristic feature, as a descendant of outline.el. Multi user (simultaneous access to different ...
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1 vote

Sort artists by number of tracks including remixes

I can make a start on this with a few lines of python, it is available for windows, and the mutagen library to read the ID3 tags this can be installed with pip install mutagen. Then a very few lines ...
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1 vote

Data collections/lists software

Have you tried Simitless? It is a platform that enables you to create your own data collection easily and fast. And it answers all of your criteria: You can create your collection and define the ...
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1 vote

Field Data Collection and Automation

My company recently started using OFSpro for exactly what you are saying you are in need of. It is a great software for managing field services. The other thing we love about it is that they have an ...
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1 vote

I need software for small library

Have you had a look at BiblioteQ? It seems like something that could fit your needs (although, granted, it might be a bit very feature rich, but it does what you want it to nevertheless): it is free ...
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1 vote

Free Wine Cellar Management Software

I didn't find the accepted answer particularly satisfying since it seems to gloss over the amount of work necessary to program, and MS Access is not free. Not everyone has a programmer friend willing ...
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