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Simple and free book library management system (ILS) for a small library

The best solution out there that fits my requirements is: BiblioteQ It is: Free and open source: GitHub. Self contained and offline. Windows, Linux and MAC compatible (For both x86 and ARM ...
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Edit and search/browse image metadata

In researching the same thing for the same reason on the same system I've discovered: Shotwell: https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Shotwell jExifToolGUI: https://hvdwolf.github.io/jExifToolGUI Dolphin file ...
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Web-based movie collection manager hosted on Linux

CouchPotato might be your best option. It provides a web interface which you could access from the network. There are browser extensions to easily add movies, and you can see when movies are out. It ...
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Book collection manager on both Linux and Android

Calibre While Calibre is mainly used for managing ebooks, there is no reason you cannot also use it for a catalog of physical paper books. Requirements Calibre meets "allow custom fields" Calibre ...
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Software to catalogue private physical book library

Calibre for ebooks, it's free and runs on Windows, OSX and Linux https://calibre-ebook.com/
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Tag MP3s using (user-specified) CDDB Disc ID

Turns out Mp3Tag does the job easily.
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Collaborative tree/hierarchical note taking software

How about Emacs's Org mode? Hierarchical/tree based structuring of notes — Check. This is its most characteristic feature, as a descendant of outline.el. Multi user (simultaneous access to different ...
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Sort artists by number of tracks including remixes

I can make a start on this with a few lines of python, it is available for windows, and the mutagen library to read the ID3 tags this can be installed with pip install mutagen. Then a very few lines ...
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Data collections/lists software

Have you tried Simitless? It is a platform that enables you to create your own data collection easily and fast. And it answers all of your criteria: You can create your collection and define the ...
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Field Data Collection and Automation

My company recently started using OFSpro for exactly what you are saying you are in need of. It is a great software for managing field services. The other thing we love about it is that they have an ...
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Web-based movie collection manager hosted on Linux

Plex media server fits this description pretty well. It will require plex pass subscription beyond the free trial for streaming but the thing works great. It also allows streaming outside your home ...
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I need software for small library

Have you had a look at BiblioteQ? It seems like something that could fit your needs (although, granted, it might be a bit very feature rich, but it does what you want it to nevertheless): it is free ...
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Free Wine Cellar Management Software

I didn't find the accepted answer particularly satisfying since it seems to gloss over the amount of work necessary to program, and MS Access is not free. Not everyone has a programmer friend willing ...
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