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Team chat with native Android/iOS apps, all open source (alternative to Slack)

Here is a software recommendation for you as per the features mentioned by you. You can review the same and let me know if you have any query. I have not used it but hope so that all the features ...
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Fighting telemarketing: application to make telemarketers waste as much time as possible

Hellooo, this is Lenny! Unfortunately, the original site ( is down, but you can find lots of videos, and imitators, on Youtube and elsewhere. A brief Google search turned up this ...
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Barcode reader library for iOS

Basil if you are looking for commercial iOS libraries for barcode recognition you can take a look at LEADTOOLS Barcode SDK. LEADTOOLS has native iOS frameworks for both Objective-C and Swift. You can ...
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Map an area from a smartphone GPS

OsmAnd is a maps/GPS app that lets you place trackpoints manually. Thanks to your phone's GPS, OsmAnd displays a red circle where you are. Because GPS is not perfect, if you zoom a lot you see the ...
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Manage iOS and Android app localization/translation

I did some (re)search and came up with the following tools below (sorted by Alexa rating). I will pick five or so and do a little test project with them to see which one works best for my situation. ...
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Software for doing math “by hand”

As with so many things internet, it's all a matter of getting the right search terms. I used “unlimited canvas app iphone,” but then changed it to “infinite canvas app iphone.” The results are many ...
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How to determine what exact color an app is using?

macOS has a built-in application called Digital Colour Meter. It's installed by default, in the /Applications/Utilties folder: Here is me using it to find out the background color for Software ...
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Is there a Markdown editor for iOS?

How about Trunk Notes by "Apps On The Move"? I'm not sure if it uses the Stack Exchange 'style' of markdown, but it definitely uses Markdown syntax
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Mobile apps to track how much time a user spend using different apps on a mobile phone

Rescue time meets the following requirements: Logs foreground app usage (and also time spent on websites). Generates detailed reports by app, time period etc. Data can be accessed on the web (via ...
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A tool to calculate percentage difference from multiple numbers

Since it is OK for you to run it online I strongly recommend to make a Google Sheet for this task so you can access it from everywhere and also to manipulate easily CSV records (import - export) as ...
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App lock for iPad Mini

No, there is no app that can do this. Apps installed on an IOS device are isolated and cannot control other apps. This means that password protecting entry of other apps is not possible. If it is ...
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Pocket's Permanent Library without Subscription

If you are willing to self-host the server part, Wallabag might be your choice. It's free & open source (find it at Github), and would meet your requirements: Save web article source in a format ...
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Alternative to Avenza PDF maps

I'm the lead developer of Mappt for Android. Mappt allows you to import and export markers, lines, polygons and geotagged photos and their associated attribute data as well as view various forms of ...
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App showing only direction and distance of goal

There's a free app located here: Free GPS which appears to address your objective. If this doesn't work for you, consider to search using terms such as "marine," "boating," "aviation," "aircraft." ...
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Extract individual headshots from group photo

Thanks to @StarGeek (relevant Reddit post), I was able to write a small script for this. To get the environment set up in Python 3 (on a Windows 10 machine using Anaconda), I went through the ...
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An android app to track the geolocation of my friends’ iOS phones?

Inside of Google Maps on the phone Select your email from the list. Click getting started Elsewhere in settings it is possible to turn on a higher accuracy of settings.
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Looking for OCR API on mobile platform

If you are looking to use a commercial product you should check out LEADTOOLS Mobile SDK. You will be able to develop in either Android, iOS or Window's Phone. Here is some sample code of how you ...
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Alternative messaging network to WhatsApp?

Take a look at Kontalk. (Community-driven messaging ; A new way of communicating) Information: Kontalk is a secure instant messenger, allowing you to send and receive text, image and voice ...
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iOS app icon generator

If you're looking for a good iOS app icon set creation app I would look at Asset Catalog Creator on the Mac App Store. There is a free versions (that does iOS icons only), but I would recommend ...
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iOS app to allow me to print to a wireless printer

After searching for a long time, I'm using Printer Pro from Readdle. There is also a free version available. And it has a assistent which offers your AirPrint and wireless/network printers available ...
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Is there any app that keeps track of time spent on iPad?

iOS 12 introduces a new feature called Screen Time which does exactly this. With Screen Time, you can see how often you pick up your iOS device, which apps you're using, which apps are sending the ...
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Threaded or topic-centric group chat app?

We just released Princle, which is designed just for your use case! It fits all your requirements above except for the Android app part, which we are currently working on (right now Android users can ...
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Jailbreak tweak to enable split-screen multitasking on iPad Air

Well there are a lot of multitasking tweaks out there you can use. i will list a couple of them below and see what fits you right. The first tweak i liked is multiplexer.The tweak blends ...
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Content blocker (adblocker) for iPhone 5

Adblock Browser should work. It's completely free and it requires iOS 8.0+ (so it's not compatible with iPhone 4, but it is with iPhone 5) and does not restrict usage to any specific iPhone/iPad/...
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Online service or Linux-based tool that provides iOS malware analysis?

There is a Chinese online application security scanner (VisualThreat: Mobile Application Security Credit Evaluation System) at The followings are the main ...
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Alternatives for Apps relying on Parse after shutdown? seems like a valid alternative to Parse. I posted a question on their support forum and it seems they are preparing a blog post and migration guide for their service. We ...
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Alternatives for Apps relying on Parse after shutdown?

I do recommend a Parse hosting service like back4app. You can migrate in less than 5 minutes without re-coding your front-end/app and you have the same UX that you had on Parse.
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Team chat with native Android/iOS apps, all open source (alternative to Slack)

Just to expand the playing field a little, what about IRC? There are thousands of open source implementations of IRC that could meet your requirements, though it may take a little more work than a ...
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ToDo lists, tasks, and notes for Mac OS X and iOS

I personally use Evernote for the exact same purpose. Let's see what you need: ideally for both Mac OS X and iOS Available for both platforms. But you need the Plus version to access your ...
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