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Fully FOSS, self-hosted CAPTCHA?

Another two open source and self-hostable Captcha solutions that are relatively well maintained as of today (2023-11-07). Please note that I have not tested any of them myself. mCaptcha is PoW-based ...
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Open-source operating system alternatives/replacements to Android for Smartphones and their supported device list

A list of Android-based ROMs from here: /e/OS AIM-ROM AncientROM Android Ice Cold Project AOSiP (Android Open Source Illusion Project) AOSPExtended ArrowOS Awaken OS BaikalOS BlissRoms Bootleggers ...
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Music recognition software API

You could submit your own audio fingerprints to acoustid and then query against it. Note: I've not used it but it seems relevant to your use case (assuming you still need this 2 years later).
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