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Vagrant Vagrant seems like the perfect choice for your needs. Multi-cloud Vagrant supports numerous cloud providers and local virtualization technologies. Built-in support exists for "VirtualBox, Hyper-V, and Docker". There is a plugin architecture which has allowed a diverse set of folks to build support for cloud providers. Plugins and tutorials for ...


If you're trying to get a window (text or web browser, or generally any window that scrolls) to move down a little at a time, you could use the down arrow key instead of the mouse wheel, usually they both will scroll down. It just might take the arrow key longer to get to the bottom line of a text editing window before it starts scrolling. "Are there better ...


I have started using QuiteRSS. Current version is from July 2018, and it's still supported. Coming from RSSOwl, it has all the features of that program, plus more, but except one: Automatic download of attachments. I also no longer require Java on my PC (RSSOwl did).

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