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3 votes

Java GUI designer for Eclipse, free commercial use

Have a look at using JavaFX SceneBuilder in combination with e(fx)clipse. It should cover most of your requirements, and uses JavaFX, which is the toolkit Oracle currently leans towards for main Java ...
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2 votes

Generate UML diagrams from Java code

Eclipse itself has a plug-in called Papyrus. Papyrus is a UML tool that provide very advanced facilities for customizing the tool. This plug-in supports both generating a UML diagram to Java ...
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1 vote

Plugin for Eclipse IDE to check language grammar

I have used a tool called LanguageTool for grammar check in the past. It's an excellent free proofreading software for grammar, style, and spell checking. It also has a list of addons supporting ...
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1 vote

Eclipse: Work in a team on a remote server

"We are an team of currently 4 developers" - and you don't use version control?? STOP whatever you are doing. I mean everything. No more design, code or test, nothing at all - until you have version ...
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1 vote

JSON path graphical builder

It's not a graphical tool, and it's not jsonpath, and it's not for Eclipse, but do you know jq? You can do amazing things with this command line tool! And over on there are true ...
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1 vote

Groovy Eclipse plugin

I have used Groovy Eclipse and it works somewhat fine, but I have to say that the support for Groovy in IntelliJ is much better. I'd recommend getting IntelliJ Community Edition if you want to write ...
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1 vote

Eclipse Plugins for Python Development?

I also tried to find plugins for python development in eclipse but couldn't find any, but i would really recommend Komodo IDE or komodo edit (free) i am using it for quite time now and it hasn't ...
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1 vote

Eclipse plugin to auto-upload a file to an SFTP server on save

The only way I've ever found that works well is installing the Aptana plugin. After it installs open the app explorer window. Click on the box icon and click run web deployment wizard. I have it setup ...
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