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Volleyball match broadcasting software

I play a lot of volleyball and beach volleyball, and I'd like a system to record and broadcast my games. My specific vision is something like this: You can create a new match using your phone, and ...
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Flashlight app for Android that can adjust the intensity of the camera's flash (light)

Please recommend a flashlight app for Android that allows the user to vary the intensity of the camera's flash that is used for the light. There are scores (hundreds?) of apps in the Google Play store ...
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Sportive (Gran Fondo) Finder

Is there an app or website where you can enter a climb (e.g. Monte Zoncolan, Alto de L'Angliru) and receive details of a Sportive (Gran Fondo) which includes it?
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GPS activity track app with notifications for smartbands/watches

I have tested several GPS tracking activities apps, fitness apps, sports specialized (stats, timing) and outdoor/mountain focused in register/follow outdoor tracks (find tracks, avoid getting lost). ...
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Instant replay for sports

We hold historical fencing competitions where the hits are judged by referees. However, sometimes it is needed to evaluate a particular exchange using a video recording. Currently we do it with ...
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Running App for Android

So I want an app for Android where you can create your own route for running (by drawing it on a map) When you are running the app tells you where to turn (like a car navigation). Also the app needs ...
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Free running tracker for Android

Is there any free/open sport tracking app that allows: Heart rate measurements - using some gear hardware like miband etc. Has a voice assistant speaking about pace etc. Has a personal training ...
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sports feed API, free or paid

I want to know if there exists sports scheduling/scoring API, free or paid, that provides the data/feed in XML, or in any format.
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Sports Matches Schedule API/SDK

Can anyone suggest some good free or paid SDKs/APIs in PHP for "Sports Matches Schedule? The API should cover most of the famous sports. Update 1 e.g., Take Tennis, then the API should give me ...
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Sports Commentary Feed Authoring Software

I am looking for software that will allow a timeline feed to be generated around match events. The style is similar to the “Storify” news room type solution, with some differences that Storify does ...
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Android app for interval training (lap running)

I am following a custom training plan for long runs. Basically I would like to have a GPS tracking app that allows to Build a custom run, that is, a sequence of intervals (with duration specified by ...
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Which Drupal modules should I use for organizing bets?

Consider a Drupal site which bets on sport related content. The required functionality is that the bets can be placed (by registered users) and the points awarded to the winning user (calculated based ...
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Cricket Tournament Management Software

Our company is organizing a cricket tournament similar to house matches annually. What I need is to store the details of the matches and analyze the statistics accordingly. The features I need: ...
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App that actively analyzes runs and gives training advice

I would expect at least some running apps to try and analyze running speeds and give (intelligent) advice, either post-fact ("you have a 4 day gap in your weekly running schedule, this is detrimental ...
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Activity tracking app to record horse riding styles

Is there an activity tracking Android/iOS app that can recognize horseback riding, and specific styles / gaits: gallup, trot, walk - and to save time duration of each during a ride? Either ...
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Android app to track bicycle cycles in fitness

There are plenty of Android tracking apps out there that measure your run/walk/bicycle activities as long as you are outside and moving. However, I'm looking for an app to track the activity of riding ...
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Is there an Android running app which has a speed target, and MEASURES your speed, gives audio feedback?

Is there an Android running app which has a speed target, and MEASURES your speed, gives audio feedback when falling below a set limit? I am looking for something that doesn't require extra hardware. ...
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Looking for consumable data sets for Soccer (Football) statistics [closed]

I'm looking for anything consumable that will go beyond just the results. In an ideal world, it would have player statistics that include minutes played, duels won/lost, pass percentages, etc. And ...
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Sports team management

Next season I will take over the organisation of our local bowls team. The present incumbent uses an arcane spreadsheet and Post-It notes. There must be a better way. I'm after something to keep ...
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GPS sports tracking app for Android WITHOUT social features

This question might look a bit odd: I'm desperately trying to find a sports tracker app that won't share my activities with half of the world. I know, that in most applications sharing can be ...
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