I play a lot of volleyball and beach volleyball, and I'd like a system to record and broadcast my games. My specific vision is something like this:

  • You can create a new match using your phone, and add the team info and whatever other metadata you want
  • After the match is created, you can get two RMTP links for an A-cam (stationary shot) and a B-cam (POV shot)
  • You can connect to those RMTP links and start streaming to them via camera like an iPhone or GoPro
  • After you create the match and connect the cameras, you can start the broadcast, which will start by just showing the B-cam
  • When the scoreboard changes, the stream switches from the B-cam a replay from the A-cam
  • When a new rally starts, the stream switches back to the B-cam
  • The scoreboard and team info should be visible at all times during the stream
  • Match replays should be persisted to a database
  • Via an Apple Watch or similar wearable device, you can update the scoreboard, and record when a new rally has started

Is there any software out there that could help me achieve something like this?

  • I think you have your sights set a bit high, tbh.
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Jan 28, 2023 at 17:47

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OBS Studio + extensions/external software (including your own for e.g. Apple Watch integration or persisiting replays which definitely don't exist, unless as different unrelated software) + proper config + a person controlling the stream. Way too specific to achieve this easily.

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