Please recommend a flashlight app for Android that allows the user to vary the intensity of the camera's flash that is used for the light.

There are scores (hundreds?) of apps in the Google Play store that claim "brightest flashlight" and other nonsense, but all they do is toggle the flash on/off.

Many Samsung phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy 6) let the user adjust the intensity of the flash used for the flashlight by long-pressing on the flashlight icon in Android's Quick Settings panel. That works well if you want to launch the flashlight via the tiny quick settings button, and don't mind a clunky UI.

I'm looking for a flashlight app that can do the same thing.

Any price is fine, but gratis is a plus. Prefer no ads and open-source, but neither is a requirement.

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Flashy should meet your requirements:

  • allows the user to vary the intensity of the camera's flash: "this flashlight app allows you to control the brightness of the mobile flashlight"
  • Prefer no ads and open-source: get it at F-Droid
  • but neither is a requirement: get it at the toy shop, ahem, at Play Store and have your install tracked 😝
  • Any price is fine, but gratis is a plus: ++

Note I haven't used the app myself, so I just went by the app's description. Here is a screenshot from it's F-Droid listing:

You see it can use either your screen or your flashlight, and has a brightness control. As usual, you can find alternative candidates in my corresponding app listing 😜

  • On a Redmi Note 9S, with Flashy, I am not able to change the intensity of the camera flash, only the screen. Mar 5 at 16:55
  • @GonçaloPeres龚燿禄 maybe take a look at the linked app listing and check if one of the other candidates works? As I wrote, I haven't tried any of them – so this might be a limitation of the app, or of your device.
    – Izzy
    Mar 5 at 20:14

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