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Questions tagged [gps-tracking]

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0 votes
0 answers

Internal Android GPS via NTRIP

I am looking for a software that allows me to use the internal GPS of my Android phone by connecting to it with an NTRIP client. I want to be able to use the phone as an rover in RTKNAVI and use a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Mapping software for creating paths on android

We live on a farm which is quite large and mountainous and we would like to be able to map all the routes as we drive using the gps on an Android cellphone. Do you have any suggestions on which ...
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3 answers

Android app that's able to take photos, get the geographic information such as GPS coordinates, and export to a spreadsheet large-scale

Long story short, I am working on a project where we have to take photos of thousands of machines and have GPS proof of that saved in a database. The best I've found yet is the "Smart GPS ...
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1 answer

Which database is good for automotive GPS tracker?

we are developing a recording system for automotive gps trackers production of our company. we log their data nearly 1 year and each gps node sends data to record each 5 seconds. each data contain ...
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0 answers

GPS activity track app with notifications for smartbands/watches

I have tested several GPS tracking activities apps, fitness apps, sports specialized (stats, timing) and outdoor/mountain focused in register/follow outdoor tracks (find tracks, avoid getting lost). ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Auto save parking location on phone

I'm looking for an android app to save car's parking location. All apps I've found so far requires user action for that (open app - save as parking location) I'm looking for an app which saves ...
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1 answer

Pushing Arduino GPS data to Firebase without WiFi Adapter?

I am new to the Arduino world and as an introduction project I decided to take on a real time GPS tracking of an autonomous robot and I should be able to: Send GPS data from Arduino Uno board to ...
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1 vote
0 answers

track gps position and time(zone) to file

Do you know any app for Android that can track phone's position and UTC+local time to file? Preferably it should have no external connectivity (but acceptable), use some simple (or standard) format ...
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0 votes
2 answers

consensual stalker app?

I'm looking for a consensual stalker app on Android. The goal is to make person A able to track person B's location in real time, and read all of their messages (at least messenger and SMS). Bonus ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Free running tracker for Android

Is there any free/open sport tracking app that allows: Heart rate measurements - using some gear hardware like miband etc. Has a voice assistant speaking about pace etc. Has a personal training ...
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1 vote
0 answers

General purpose GPS tracker app for Android that takes stops into account

I'm looking for an Android application that tracks GPS signal (like many other sports trackers), and apart from usual statistics, like max. speed, average speed, covered distance and time, also ...
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15 votes
5 answers

GPS sports tracking app for Android WITHOUT social features

This question might look a bit odd: I'm desperately trying to find a sports tracker app that won't share my activities with half of the world. I know, that in most applications sharing can be ...
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