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Fitness app for Apple Watch that automatically ends the "Outdoor Walk"/"Dog walk" workout when I return home

When I am out on a "Outdoor Walk" or "Dog Walk" workout being recorded in a fitness app, I frequently forget to end the recording upon returning to the house. Both the Apple ...
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Exercise tracker that's not gym-oriented

I found an exercise program which promises to improve body posture, and want to do it. I want to do the exercises I do from it on a daily basis, using my Android phone. And I was thinking that, if I ...
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Health & Fitness Data Aggregator

I would like to be able to collect my health and fitness data from multiple sources. I would then like to standardize the format of the data using some standard (OpenmHealth?). Once transformed that ...
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What is a good app for either the iPhone or Apple Watch to track the exercises I do in the gym?

When I worked out in the gym with a trainer thousands of years ago, she kept a notebook of each exercise (like what pieces of equipment) and the weight and perhaps some other stuff like she would put ...
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Android app where I can create custom Yoga routines and search through custom routines created by other users

I need an Android app where I can customize a yoga routine. I've searched through several apps but have not found anything which has this functionality. I need: An app which allows me to create my ...
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App for partner workout

I am looking for an app which provides any kind of partner mode or partner training (2 players ;)) Because I have not found such an app, The question is more like is there such an app? Any ...
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Android walking app for walking geared around how far you are from your home or car

I see a lot of apps let you plan walks or track walks as you do them, but I am looking for something different. I am looking for an app that is more geared towards something like this. Let's say I ...
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GPS activity track app with notifications for smartbands/watches

I have tested several GPS tracking activities apps, fitness apps, sports specialized (stats, timing) and outdoor/mountain focused in register/follow outdoor tracks (find tracks, avoid getting lost). ...
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Android app for walking and running for exercise

I am looking for an Android app, preferably gratis, but I could pay for something exceptional. I have preference for something F-Droid, or, at least, something that doesn't send my data to some large ...
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Wii games for a child with motor impairment

I have a 4-year old child with motor impairment, and recently came across several papers regarding how playing Wii games can yield improvements in dexterity, limb coordination, balance and motor ...
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Recording heart rate from a Bluetooth heart rate monitor

I have a heart rate monitor strap. It transmits my heart rate, using Bluetooth Smart and Ant+. I want an app on my Android phone or tablet that can connect to this, and display and record my heart ...
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Android app with basic food and exercise logging per day

I ideally want an app for Android with less focus on calory counting, that simply logs what foods and exercise I've done that day and shows it in the same page.
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Please recommend an Android game which encourages me to move around while I play

It would be good if you could please recommend a game or two for me. From most important to least important: Works on Android. Encourages me to move around while I play, instead of sitting stock-...
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Sync Sony Smartband data to own Server

I just played arround with the Sony Smartband SWR30. It's only usable with a Sony Network or Google Account including a public Google+ Account (I don't want to add Google+ to my Google Account). I ...
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Android running app with heart rate audio feedback

I have bought an bluetooth heart rate monitor belt to use with my Android LG G3. There are many apps that can use that belt to record heart rate while I am running. Unfortunately none of them (I have ...
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Activity tracking app to record horse riding styles

Is there an activity tracking Android/iOS app that can recognize horseback riding, and specific styles / gaits: gallup, trot, walk - and to save time duration of each during a ride? Either ...
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Program for weekly control sport norms

I search a program that will help me to control my sport norms of every week, example: make 120 000 steps every week make 50 push-ups three times a week make 30 pull-ups two times a week etc. The ...
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Android app to suggest a jogging route

Since I doubt that any such thing exists, I will keep the "requirements" to the program title. I give it a location & it gives me a route. "Nice to have": I give it a distance (say 5km), or a ...
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App to track daily life activity (to monitor personal enhancement)

Summary I want to have a protocol of what I eat, how much I sleep and when, how much exercise I do etc. To do this I want to have an app for my android where I can insert all that data while it ...
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