Using a right handed mouse only, I get pain in my shoulder after working with it for some hours. I used to plug the mouse from right to left; meanwhile I have two mice connected to my PC.

Unfortunately this leaves me with going to the control panel of Windows for switching the mouse buttons. I also need to adjust the sensitivity, because for some reason the sensitivity is not the same. I guess this is due to the mice being from different vendors or having different resolution (DPI).

As you can imagine I'd like to

  • configure different settings for each mouse at the same time

or, if that's not possible

  • switch between mice more easily, ideally with a single click

The tool needs to

  • run on Windows 7 SP1 (or higher if possible), x64
  • cost less than 20 USD, gratis preferred of course
  • work with standard USB mouse, Microsoft drivers, no vendor specific software installed

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  • stores different settings per mouse
    • swap mouse buttons
    • adjust sensitivity
    • adjust double click speed
    • adjust scroll wheel
  • automatically detects the active setting on mouse movement
  • runs on Windows 7 or higher
  • is free

Screenshot, taken from website:

Eithermouse settings

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