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For questions about recommendations of software for optimizing your workspace and device setup to reduce effort and strain or to improve your physical performance when using it.

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Software to count clicks and keypresses on macOS

I'm looking for some software that will count my mouse clicks and keypresses throughout the day, and show a report of my activity. I would like to use it to inform decisions about ergonomics, such as ...
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Adapt screen color to time of day slowly (like f.lux, but better)

f.lux is a tool that changes the screen color to match the time of day. It's big weakness is that it only has two options for the duration to adjust the color of the display: 20 seconds or 60 minutes....
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4 votes
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Using left- and right-handed mouse at the same time

Using a right handed mouse only, I get pain in my shoulder after working with it for some hours. I used to plug the mouse from right to left; meanwhile I have two mice connected to my PC. ...
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Force user to look away from monitor

I work on my computer nearly all day every day. I know I should be looking away every 30 minutes to an hour to exercise my eyes. I'm looking for some sort of software that will basically block me ...
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Android Touch-Screen Keyboards or Positional Offset for Huge Hands

I have huge hands. Trying to type or swipe (swype) text on Android devices is an exercise in futility. My fingers are so big, I can't see which letter I'm going to hit. Whatever part of my finger ...
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