I am using two screens on my desktop computer.

It is extremely easy when I'm writing code or document on one and browsing on the other. However, problems occur when I play games.

Nearly all the games require mouse pointer to be at the edge of the screen to look/rotate the character or camera etc.

It becomes impossible with two screens since when I slide the mouse to the right, it passes to the other screen and hence I cannot use the camera efficientlty. One way to solve this is to use only one screen while in game.

However, in some games, such as DoTA, LoL, Counter-Strike, Civilization etc. you wait either to be respawned or for your turn. At that interval, I would like to do something else on the other screen. Therefore, I do not want to switch back and forth between extended display and second-screen only.

As a result, I want to use a free software that runs on Windows and has the ability of locking the mouse pointer to a specific screen when I use a hotkey (for instance Ctrl+F12).

Could you recommend me one?

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You can use Cursor Lock:

  • free
  • lets you define shortcuts to lock the cursor to the current screen/window
  • also lets you choose it to auto-lock when a certain program is running
  • runs on Windows

What you want to do (lock with a shortcut) is called User Mode in the program.

So, to set it up, go to User Mode > Lock Region: screen > Shortcuts and set your shortcuts:

enter image description here

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