I am looking for a software that lets me record and save mouse movement and clicks.

The main feature I need is a random delay between the repeats, but within a preset range. For instance, repeat the recorded actions every [1,30] seconds.

I use Mouse Controller but I cannot set the range of the random delays.

Update with an example of usage:

I use MouseController now in a couple of things. One of them. I have to repeat certain mouse actions every few days in a server and I want to avoid manual work. Why I need the random delay? Because I want to collect data by clicking from an autorefreshed list. If I repeat every 3 seconds, I will take the 1-6-11-16-21 etc point from the list. I want to take the randomly without any pattern. But as I said, this is only one of the reasons.


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AutoHotKey is a general-purpose desktop automation scripting environment for Windows. It's open source.

The scripting language is ahem baroque. But it's ok for simple tasks, and there are quite a few snippets on the site that you can use without needing to understand all the nuances.

Mouse Movement & Click Recorder does what it says on the tin. It records an AHK script that you can execute. You can Sleep for a Random time between executions if you want.

  • Note that Mouse Movement & Click Recorder fails to record properly on which screen the mouse was in a multi-monitor setup (at least on mine). Jul 12, 2014 at 4:15

AutoIt is a script language which allow to automate the Windows's user interface, mouse action included.

It's a programming script language, so it´s very powerful (your random functionnality is easily possible) but it could be complicated for an uninitiated public. Actually a macro recorder is provided, very useful for learning it.

Your script can also be exported as an exe file.

It´s well known for the large amount of game bots created with it. Personnaly I used it for automating text copy/paste and sending it throught the network.

  • Thank you for your recommandation. To be frank, I tried AutoIt several years before for another project and it will be my last choice, if I won't find a freeware to work with.
    – Tasos
    Feb 6, 2014 at 8:14
  • I understand you @AnastasiosVentouris, this tool can be too exhaustive for certain needs. Did you try the macro recorder when you have tested it? Feb 6, 2014 at 8:35
  • What I find interesting is that AutoHotkey, which is currently the top-voted and accepted answer, is rather similar to AutoIt. Yet the asker has said AutoIt would be the last resort. Go figure.
    – John Y
    Jul 25, 2017 at 23:17

You can use the freeware TinyTask.

It is very simple to use (record/play and save/load recordings):


Note that it records mouse movements/clicks (your requirement) but not keyboard usage. This can sometimes be circumvented with mouse-operated cut-n-paste.

It has no installer, you download the executable, put that somewhere and use it.


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