I am looking for a solution to control my computer mouse just with my hands and a webcam. The goal is to combine it with voice input to let me move more freely in front of my desk.

It should support the usual mouse actions:

  • position mouse pointer, left click, right click, middle click, scroll up, scroll down
  • optionally: scroll left, scroll right
  • If you have a disability and are looking for a mouse alternative, then please note that there are also foot controlled computer mouse solutions available.
    – mihca
    Oct 12, 2021 at 18:10

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  • eViacam
    • Uses your head position to position the mouse pointer
    • Code is on Sourceforge and GitHub
    • Intended for people with disabilities
  • cameramouse
    • Not open source, but free to use
    • Uses your head position to position the mouse pointer and to perform clicks
    • Intended for people with disabilities
  • NPointer
    • Not open source and discontinued
  • SmyleMouse
    • Professional and commercial solution to control the computer mouse with your head
    • Intended for people with disabilities


  1. Move your head to
    • Move the mouse pointer
  2. Smile to
    • Click a mouse, or
    • Make an adaptive switch selection

Besides these, I found some prototypes/unfinished projects, some with academic background:

  • ofnote/gestop
    • idea: use machine learning to train model with custom gestures and bind them to any input.
    • Cool idea, but more of a prototype I would say.
  • bm371613/gest
    • Pinch gesture to scroll. Nice idea but more of a prototype.
    • The machine learning model seems to be trained manually to detect finger positions and from the description, it seems biased towards the developer.
  • Mouse_control
    • Academic prototype it seems.
    • Uses colors to detect the finger positions in the image, similar to "Mouse Control using a Web Camera based on Color Detection" by Abhik Banerjee, Abhirup Ghosh, Koustuvmoni Bharadwaj
  • whatifif/handgesture
    • Academic prototype with custom trained model. Pretty cool but not a finished product.
  • mouse-control-via-webcam on codeproject
    • I was not able to make this work
  • Ashvin-G/Virtual-Mouse
  • albpurpura/HandMouse
    • Again, similar approach to DedoMouse (uses Google MediaPipe) but less polished and not as much gestures as DedoMouse
  • DedoMouse
    • Uses hand gestures to control the mouse pointer
    • Meets the requirements: position mouse pointer, left click, right click, middle click, scroll up, scroll down
    • Built using Google MediaPipe library
    • Modern UI that makes it pretty easy to use
    • Code is on GitHub
    • Requires full hand motion. Thus, not intended for people with disabilities.
      • However, might be useful if you have RSI because of more variety in hand positions.
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