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Android app to automatically send incoming SMS messages to a URL

I was needed the same functions so I created a simple SMS to URL Android forwarding App. Since Google refused to publish it in the Play Store, because it needed read SMS permission, you can install it ...
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Receive photos from customers who call our business phone, for verification purposes

One of the easiest solutions is probably Google Forms. Set up a form that asks for a name, phone number, picture (Google Form now has a file upload feature) Set a very simple URL redirecting to this ...
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Open source Android SMS app that can mute messages from specific contacts

QKSMS can do this. It is available via the Play Store and F-Droid. QKSMS is able to disable notifications for someone with whom you have sent or received at least one message. To disable notifications ...
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Reliable SMS service

We use IntelliSMS, and have used it for many years with much success
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Send SMS programmatically on my Computer using my Phone

You mentioned Microsoft's Your Phone, so I will assume the phone is running an Android OS. While I don't know of specific tools, I use Automate to automatically receive and send SMS Text messages via ...
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Which are the best services to receive verification SMS (multiple accounts)

I've used Twilio in the past. They are simple to use and quite feature intensive! The price (link) is $0.0075 USD per message and the cost to get a number is only $1 a month.
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Email web-app (aka webmail) that will send an SMS text message (or make a phone call) when email received

My obligatory Python based answer. Given the requirement not to use a data collection company (there are a lot of them out there) and that most if not all of the free SMS sending services are run by ...
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Android app that analyze the calls and messages and generate a report

The android app that is suitable in this scenario is - 'Advanced Call History'. This app is one of the apps in the corresponding app listing by Izzy (moderator for software recommendation ...
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Sms delivery application

Have you looked at Their API looks like a real breeze to use for what you're after!
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Android app to call a predefined number when a specific text is received

Tasker seems to be a bit overkill for this, so I created a simple and free app for this: Open Sesame Gate, it might help others as well.
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SMS client for Windows

I've been using and/or the MS Phone-Link application. works pretty well, but there's only a web version, and MS Phone-Link can occasionally be glitchy. ...
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Android SMS gateway app

The Android Messages app supports this functionality: References Send and receive text messages (SMS & MMS) with Android Messages - Project Fi Help Android Messages - Apps on Google Play
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