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priority oriented TODO list manager

Priority Oriented TODO list manager I highly recommend emacs orgmode Reasons: You can prioritize your items Recurring tasks open source (part of gnu emacs, included by default in modern releases!) ...
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Location-based reminder (Android, open source)

TaskNearby may be a good option for you, because it has reminders that are defined with text, a latitude/longitude chosen on a map and a radius; is open-source; has intelligent battery optimization; ...
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What can tell me that I'm probably out of garbage bags?

ONLY Part of the answer: You still need to get the raw data into the database, and transfer the calculated restock date to a calendar. SELECT "Description", DATEDIFF( 'dd', MIN( "Posting Date" ), ...
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App to be reminded of dates in a particular sequence?

While not a specific software recommendation, your requirements are met by tons of apps called "calendars" having a feature called "reoccuring events". They'd not only let you define a start date and ...
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Software for renting (a monitor)

The opensource system that I recommend is LibreBooking - the free version of BookedScheduler. It can handle most kind of resources. It is multi-user. It has start/end reminders. It can show calendar ...
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Periodic/Cyclic reminder

Any automation app can do this easily. In Tasker it is very simple to set up to beep every x minutes. Set the profile to run on a time based on how many minutes you want. And set the task to alert/...
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Resettable reminder application for Android

I found what the feature I'm looking for is called. It's called "flexible recurrence". One application which supports it is Todoist. Unfortunately, it requires Google account to use, so it ...
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What software tracks the sites I've registered or subscribed to, especially paid subscriptions?

Try combining a password manager, such as KeePass, with a program for managing reminders, such as Lightning, a calendar plugin for Thunderbird. When you sign up for an account, put your username, ...
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Tasks with recurring reminders synced between Android and Windows

What about Wunderlist? It seems to meet all your requirements.
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Set reminder for next boot

As per the suggestion from Franck you could use the schtasks executable from a batch file, maybe called remindme.bat, with all of the parameters pre-filled in: /SC ONLOGON should schedule the task ...
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