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Looking for Android app to locate phone - no GPS, no intrusive "security" features

If your phones are connected to Google and you have internet access, you can utilize the Find My Device feature to find your phone. With it, you can play the sound of the phone's ringer regardless if ...
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Android file manager that can select by date?

Using MiXplorer, free from XDA. Order files by Date (Older) or Date (Newer). Select files by tapping the first file up to the desired range (here between July 2 and June 23). Long tap on the first ...
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Mobile phone app that can log and export phone signal quality with GPS location

You could use Tasker and build any sort of flow that you'd like, including everything you wrote, like mobile data usage tracking for download rate. Some references: variables, including %CELLSIG - ...
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Software system along the lines of customer relationship management software for schools, teachers, children, and parents

Assuming you take care of all the security issues associated with children, there are a couple of CRMs I'd recommend for this: Monica SuiteCRM Both are open-source. If configured properly they can ...
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Android web browser with no media and no downloads?

Lynx is a text based web browser that presents pages withing a text based terminal, without images or media. It can download any file type, but does not by default show any form of media, like images, ...
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Multi-shot/collage camera app Android

Bunch of apps like that exist. It depends on what exactly the goal is. If combining all the pictures into one bigger one, then you should look for panorama/photosphere stitchers. Like this Bimostitch ...
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Mapping software for creating paths on android

I've regularly used GPS Logger for that tasks. Some facts: The app is 100% free and open source. Share trips in KML, GPX, and TXT format in many ways. The application is freely downloadable from ...
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