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Use this tag when seeking recommendations for software to run on your intranet. Intranets are based on the same technologies as the Internet but runs behind a firewall inside of a network, rather than available over the internet.

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Push Notifications to PWA on Android in closed off intranet

We have a custom PWA (Angular frontent, c# web api backend) that is used on mobile android devices (and desktops) within our company facilities. The mobile devices do not have an internet connection. ...
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Best tool to build an intranet with low devops/database skills?

I'm willing to build a webapp (intranet style) with very basic features : identification, data manipulation / visualisation, file upload/download, etc. I'm a software developer (Golang mainly, but ...
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Tool for rapidly creating Web GUI for searching database on Intranet

I've a database with 20 million records in 5 tables and 150 fields. It grows by about 1%/day. We want to rapidly create an Intranet website where authenticated users can browse, filter, search and ...
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Looking for skill matrix/database software

I am working in a quickly growing software company that exists for many years with 50+ developers. We have experts in many sections and plan to build something like a skill matrix so that people ...
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e-Learning platform that supports video streaming for classes

I'm looking for an e-Learning platform that supports video streaming, sort of like moodle but with support for live classes by company instructors. This is intended to be only used inside the ...
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LAN chat software between Linux and Windows

I am the only one in our office using Linux, while everything is working great except the team-communication. I just need to send/receive text message, images, files with my teammates. I have set up ...
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Intranet 600 users

Looking for an Intranet solution to replace custom one built about a decade ago. Traditionally the organization has used the .NET stack and the dev team is most comfortable within that ecosystem. ...
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Lightweight, multi-platform, remote desktop program running directly

I have at work, a very specific network environment for testing satellite connection, which we have a computer that is connected to the satellite environment. Over this network we then connected to ...
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Open source internal (enterprise) survey software with LDAP integration?

I'm looking for a simple webservice that allows organization members to record their yes/no answer to a question in a database and have the answers be publicly or privately viewable. It would be ...
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Recommendations for an internal company email (messaging) system

My company is looking for an internal email (messaging) system to replace our current system. We are using an email server with a RoundCube front-end that only sends encrypted emails to itself. Emails ...
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Software that can check for broken links on an intranet

I’m looking for software to run on a Windows machine that can test the integrity of my organization’s intranet site. Something akin to the W3C Link Checker.
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Intranet solution (enterprise portal) with trophies/achievements functionality? [closed]

Our company, a call center enterprise, is considering implementing a corporative intranet (enterprise portal). Not talking about all the basics functionalities a intranet must have, I am thinking of ...
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Intranet site where each department can view their information

Im looking to setup an intranet site where my employees can quickly view notes and/or information on an intranet. My portal "vision" is To do list Next buyers Installers Although it is very vague, ...
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Mirror Third Party Web Services Internally

When using third party web services one often runs into problems where the usage of the service over the network causes performance issues, usage is limited and web service structural changes ...
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Best CMS for internet and intranet site

My client asked me to code site for intranet (employees) and internet (customers). I have many skills with Wordpress. Is (and how can be it done) wordrpess enough for intranet and internet? What do ...
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Which simple project management software running on our own intranet server allows time tracking?

I'm looking for a simple project management software that can be installed on our own server and allows time tracking. The features I need are as follows: support for several projects support for ...
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Enterprise-level MCQ engine for Test Center

I am looking for locally installable software which is designed for test center institutes and offers the following: Entering the system requires credentials. Multi-level users, e.g. administrators, ...
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Intranet Website Performance Analysis Tool

There are a few really good website performance analysis tools that are available, Google PageSpeed Insights and Yahoo YSlow being just two of them. The problem with the web application versions of ...
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Intranet crawler and search engine

I am looking for any really free alternatives for implementing an intranet web-search engine. I know that Google Search Appliance (GSA) would be probably the best but it's extremely expensive and I ...
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