I'm willing to build a webapp (intranet style) with very basic features : identification, data manipulation / visualisation, file upload/download, etc.

I'm a software developer (Golang mainly, but also C/C++/Python) and I had some minor projects in PHP/javascript too. I have zero skills in sysadmin, cloud, devops and so on. I have very elementary skills with databases.

What would you recommend as turnkey tool to built it without having to deep-dive into devops/database skills ? A fully online tool providing online IDE/preview, a database overlay and a builtin scalability would be awesome.

Thanks a lot !

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I would suggest taking a look at Anvil which is a paid (but with free options) development and hosting service with the following features:

  • Web Based IDE
  • Drag & Drop UI Builder
  • Python based code in both browser & server
  • Built in Database with python access
  • One Click Cloud Deployment
  • Built-in user authentication
  • On Site (paid) or Open Source Server
  • Lots of helpful tutorials & videos

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