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Push Notifications to PWA on Android in closed off intranet

We have a custom PWA (Angular frontent, c# web api backend) that is used on mobile android devices (and desktops) within our company facilities. The mobile devices do not have an internet connection. ...
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Android app to complement my own on-page web chat widget?

I'm thinking about implementing something similar to 'my own on-site web chat widget'. Or more generic, some Q&A solution. And while I can build the back-end myself (and prefer to), I'd like to ...
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Web Push Notification library recommendation required

I am looking for a recommendation for a push notification library, which can send notifications easily to various clients on desktop chrome, firefox, IE and IPhone and Android browser users ...
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Framework for Android+iOS app with tutorial, embedded website, push notifications

I have a PHP website which I want my users to be able to download an "app" version from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). My idea was to build a hybrid app with Cordova/Ionic or similar ...
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