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Questions tagged [apple]

For recommendations on software required to be made by Apple or used with Apple products.

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Are there softwares or forums which allow you to publish apps to app store on shared basis?

Given that Apple charges hefty developer fee of $99/yr. Are there softwares, forums by which mutiple developers can collaborate to publish their app via same developer account and thus save on the ...
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Windows running on Apple hardware

I remember apple disabled the dual boot feature, boot camp to dual boot Windows and macOS on Apple hardware. What other possibilities exist for dual booting or running Windows on Apple Hardware?
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Playback of videos on Apple TV - not airshare

I would like recommendations for the best way to playback personal home videos on Apple TV without having to upload them to Vimeo or YouTube privately, then play them back. I do not want to AirShare ...
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Which one to is better for cloud service regarding inactive account policy, Google Drive or iCloud Drive?

Does Google (2 years) or Apple (1 year) will keep my account if I have been inactive for more than 2 years even if I keep paying Google Drive or iCloud Drive? I cannot find it in Terms. As I am a ...
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Device and app to help sleep

Some people need some "noise" to fall in sleep, and when they sleep the noise is not needed anymore. I'm wondering if there is any device (e.g., Apple Watch) and app, such that: a person ...
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Desktop application for browsing and editing SQLite database files that works natively in Apple Silicon (M1)

I'm using a MacBook Pro with the M1 processor and I need a free desktop application for browsing and editing SQLite database files that works natively (without having to use Rosetta). I have seen the ...
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Beginner DJ software compatible with Macbook Pro 2021 (Apple M1 chip processor)

I just got a new Macbook Pro 2021, which I understand uses the Apple M1 chip processor. I am trying to start mixing electronic music as a hobby, and an acquaintance of mine who DJs told me that they ...
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Mentor/Mentee software options - online app

I am in a company of 700+ employees with varying ages and career backgrounds. I have been asked to look into options using any one of the options mentioned in the subject to set up some sort of "...
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Connecting a Macbook Pro with an Ipad

I'm currently using a MacBook Pro Catalina(13-inch, 2020). I was wondering if I could connect it with my Ipad 2. I've tried sidecar, but I believe that the Ipad does not support this feature. Other ...
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App to put a circle around the mouse pointer

In some videos, I have seen a circle or a ring around the mouse pointer but I am not able to find any options in my mac to do so. Is there a way in mac to do this or do I need an app for this?
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Is there any app for iOS to translate any screen in any app?

Is there any app for iOS to translate any screen in any app, or any arbitrary screen of the iOS general. On Android it exists, I have used it before. I don't remember whether I found the feature on ...
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