I am working in a quickly growing software company that exists for many years with 50+ developers. We have experts in many sections and plan to build something like a skill matrix so that people looking for help can easily find the right person for a problem.

I already found 2 topics here but sadly there was no helpful reply yet:

Tag or Label software for Employee Skills?
Free skills/qualifications database

The software may be a commercial product. It may be a web based solution or must work on Windows clients. It should meet the following requirements:

  • Developers should be able to add/edit their expertise, rate their level of skill and upload a photo.
  • It should provide an easy to use interface for people seeking for help by using simple words or tags.

What I found so far is Skill Matrix included in Valamis, but its objective seems to be a bit different to what we want to achieve.

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After doing some more research I think I found a product that meets our requirements pretty good. As a bonus it perfectly integrates into Microsoft Teams: SkillerBee.

Another product that sounds promising is SkillsApp.

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