I've been using Linux (Mint) for a while, and really like the overall look of the Nemo file manager. Is there a similar replacement for Windows 8.1? Preferably freeware.

The main features I want are the overall look (the top and sidebar) and the tabbed browsing.

Here is the overall look i want to replicate: Nemo file manager

I would use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) in order to use it, but it's only in Windows 10.

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Take your pick:

  • imo the best, but shareware, so please pay for it is you use it, is Total Commander enter image description here

  • there is also Free Commander

  • or, you could pay for the extremely configurable Directory Opus which I remember using on my Commodore Amiga 20 years ago! (it has been updated since then :-))


In Addition to Nemo I know only one Explorer alternate Tablacus Explorer. A tabbed file manager with Add-on support. Tablacus is Freeware too.


Another good Windows file explorer that provides tabbed browsing and other features is Explorer++: https://explorerplusplus.com/.

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