I need as simple as possible daily food diary allowing me to track my daily diet in details.


  • an ability to provide food name (either free text or Sweets > Cakes > Apple pie-like selection),
  • an ability to provide amount of food actually consumed,
  • remembering date and time with each entry -- nice-to-have, but not necessary,
  • having diet database and calculating calories, fat, carbs etc. -- nice-to-have, but not necessary,
  • free or paid.

What are my options?

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Since I'm from Poland, I ended up choosing a local, Polish product (VitaScale).

However, there is a quite large (yet not very easy to go through) list of mobile applications for Android that includes:

  • loose-weight helper applications,
  • dietary calendars,
  • calorie calculators etc.

It is made by one of SR's users, Izzy. You will most definitely find a software that matches your expectations among this list.

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