My cell phone is running Android. I am looking for an application for my cell phone.

I like writing a diary, but my diary book only has a few fresh pages left and I don't want to buy a new one.

I want to write a diary entry every day in the app so that I can easily read and search for some particular diary entries.

Is it possible to do it?

  • a diary = a note with dates as titles right? if so i could offer up a few good note taking apps
    – FONZ
    Jan 5, 2016 at 16:56

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I can recommend Diary by DroidVeda LLP.

Many Android diaries focus on "cute", whereas DroidVeda's Diary focuses on content and ease of use.

It meets your requirements of being able to easily read and search for particular diary entries.

Here are the key features, from the Play Store description:

  1. Simple to use
  2. Password protected
  3. Date-wise display of pages
  4. Swipe to navigate between pages
  5. Export to PDF (Currently supports English only)
  6. Attach Photos
  7. Take picture from Camera and attach
  8. Autosave
  9. Quick search
  10. List all entries
  11. Themes
  12. Backup & Restore
  13. Go to a Date (Tap on Page header to jump to a Date)
  14. Fonts
  15. Free hand drawing

One of the best features is the freehand draw mode where you can make quick sketches of your emotions, thoughts, or ideas.

The auto-save feature is very convenient: it automatically saves all your entries for you.

Here is what the entry screen looks like. It is nice and simple:

Diary UI

Give it a try... you'll probably like it.


The problem that you are facing is that you say you are looking for an Android Diary but on most mobile phones the Diary is actually a Scheduling and Reminders App.

If you are looking for an analogue of a paper diary that you record what happened to you today and your thoughts of the day then you need to look for what is called Blogging or Journalling software. There is lots of it out there.

Blogging software takes what you write and posts it to an on-line "Blog" this has the following features:

  • Saved to the net so not lost if you change/lose your phone
  • Can usually include things like photos as well
  • Is visible to the whole on-line world *this is probably the bit that you would not like

But there are some Blogging/Journalling services, and applications that work with them, that allow you to have a private Blog which only you can see, (plus of course the FBI, CIA & several others but that is probably the case if it is just on your phone or in a paper diary).

So can I suggest that you look for a Blogging Service that is available in your location, meets your budget and has any privacy features you desire and then look for an App that works with that service, many such services have a recommended App.

Possible services:

  • Penzu - Free Journalling via browser $20pa for Pro which has iPhone, iPad & Android Apps
  • Tumblr - Offers blogging with the option of Private entries/blogs as do Wordpress, Livejournal, Squarespace
  • You could host your own blog on the web in a private server area, or on your own server, that you simply don't give access to anybody else - either would be better for privacy but require more effort on your part.
  • You could even simply have a not shared area in your Dropbox that you simply keep entries in plain text files, (say one per month with a name like 2015_Nov.txt), and use any text editor to view and update them from any platform.
  • Thank you for the help, Steve Barnes. I am reading your answer now.
    – kitty
    Nov 16, 2015 at 6:42

Since you would like an app where you can add an update everyday and search for an update, the Journey app came to my mind. I have had it with me and made use of it but now I just create a Google Doc for each day as that is a better fit for my life.

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