Recently I copied a lot of photos and videos in my system. Now there is 2 or more than 2 copies of each in my system. I want to delete the copies. I don't have much time to look it by myself. Is there a software that searches for duplicate files in my PC and deletes it ?


2 suggestions, both of which run on 32bit/64bit Windows 8:

Funduc Duplicate File Finder (Shareware)

This finds and displays duplicate files using a graphical UI, and allows you to select and delete duplicates fairly easily.

Swiss File Knife (Freeware)

This is a command line-based utility (only 1 .exe file, no installation) that does many things. It includes a command for finding duplicate files - type "sfk dupfind" on the command line to see the help. You would probably also need to use the chaining support with the delete command to do the deletion - type "sfk delete" and "sfk help chain" to see the help for these.

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