There are commercial file upload services for large files such as sharefile.com or sendfilessecurely.com.

I'd also like to have a large and secure file upload service, but hosted by myself, because I want people to know that the files are directly stored on my server and not on someone else's. Also, I don't want them to agree to additional EULAs of a third party.

It would need to

  • run on a LAMP stack (Ubuntu/Debian preferred)
  • be open source
  • support HTTPS
  • single file size > 2GB
  • delete files when downloaded
  • configurable file retention time

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OwnCloud might be what you're looking for.

About the desired features "file deletion after download" and "configurable file retention time", I'm not sure they are natively available in OwnCloud, but you might find some third-party code or plugin that does this.


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