I need to go through 20 hours of videos that are split up into around 5 minutes each and was hoping someone can help me find software that can view these videos and while viewing to be able to delete or rename them.

Currently, I am using the default windows 10 app which is good in that I can easily go to the next video (by clicking the arrow on the right) but when I need to delete or rename I have to go back to the file explorer, and try to find the video I was watching which takes up a lot of time especially since I have to do this hundreds of times.

If anyone knows of some software that can delete or rename while watching the video or if you have a more efficient process that would be great.

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This has been answered here: Delete the video being played in Video Player

I'm using Daum PotPlayer for this too. (Daum PotPlayer was a successor to KMPlayer. I like PotPlayer better.) https://potplayer.daum.net/

Press SHIFT+DELETE key while playing a video on PotPlayer.

  • This deletes (Recycle Bin) the currently playing video.

(Additional tip: Rename video:

  • Make sure playlist is focused: Mouse click on it or press F6.
  • Then Ctrl+M. A dialog box will pop up with the current video file name.
  • Rename/change it :')
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QtTabbar file explorer starts playing a video file when you hover over it.


https://github.com/tomek-o/VideoPlayer - rename and delete options are in the playlist/file context menu. Delete function has "D" shortcut (configurable) when playing. There is also "Go to file" if file has to be moved or something like that.

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