For some reason, I am using 20/25GB on my tablets internal storage, and I can't for the life of me find what is taking up so much space, as I don't have a lot of apps and my downloads folder is clear.

I am looking for a gratis (free) android application that will allow me to locate and delete large files on internal, and external storage.


  • Must be free
  • Should be ad-free, but not required
  • Must be able to locate large files on both internal and external storage
  • Must return a list of large files, and I must be able to choose which ones I want to delete. This search result must differentiate which files are on either the internal or external storage
  • I should be able to set a limit to search for a certain file size
  • Would be neat if it could remove app cache's as well (instead of manually removing them from each app in the settings)

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You can use DiskUsage, it's basically a Windirstats for Android:

  • free
  • located large file:

Located large file
Click for larger image

  • select internal or external storage

Select internal or external storage
Click for larger image

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