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Questions tagged [windows-11]

Software specifically for Windows 11. Please tag with [windows] instead unless your question involves functions specific to Windows 11.

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2 votes
1 answer

What are some good apps for screensharing/recording video games?

I want to screenshare or record video games (such as VALORANT, The Finals, and other taxing-ish games) where recording or screen-sharing (with at least one other person watching) my screen won't ...
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0 answers

Simple tagging ability to rapidly change document properties

I was very disappointed to find that the simple features in my previous Windows computer for tagging my photos is no longer available on Windows 11. Previously, an option was available in the details ...
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1 answer

Software monitoring system sounds output

I wanted to know if there is a software that can monitor the sound output in decibels on Windows. I often use headphones on my PC and I am a bit concerned about my ears. On my Samsung phone (Android ...
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0 answers

Can websites be opened without cursor detection by using cloud services or remote access tools?

Is there a way to open a website and move the cursor to another screen or browser on my laptop without the website detecting it? Typically, this can be achieved by using remote access tools to connect ...
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0 answers

TortoiseCVS client or similar GUI that runs on Windows 11?

I need to browse a CVS repository on a Windows 11 machine. Normally I'd use TortoiseCVS, but this does not seem to be functional on Windows 11. I have been directed to CVS Suite, but this seems to be ...
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0 answers

Window wobbling in Windows

I simply want an app that could make the app window "wobble". This is what I mean by that:. I'm using Windows 11. I do not want the app to be very heavy. Should be lightweight.
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5 votes
3 answers

Is there a taskbar system monitoring tool on Windows 11?

I want to display the current network speed, the read/write speed of the hard disk, CPU and memory usage in taskbar, especially network and hard drive usage, so I can detect unusual activity in time. ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Third-party replacement for Windows 11 taskbar

Are there third-party replacements for Windows 11 Taskbar? Like, idk, using Linux taskbar instead of windows? There are actually many start menu replacements (AllIsBack, OpenShell) but none of them ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Software to block non whitelisted apps from the internet on a scheduled basis

I'm looking for software that can block all apps except a whitelist from using the internet during specific times of the day. This is to enforce user discipline. e.g. not be tempted by web browsing. ...
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0 answers

Windows 11 Taskbar replacement that will dock on the left

Ever since, I have been able to, my taskbar has been to the left and hidden. The reason being there is more space horizontally than vertically. And it causes less interference with programs where I ...
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2 votes
0 answers

What is a modern Internet Cafe software for Windows 10/11?

I am looking for cyber cafe software that can run 10 machines, it can be free or paid, but must work for Windows 10 and 11. Required features:- Time slot based (30 minute intervals or failing that, ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Small program that disables Windows 11 upgrade cleanly and quickly so users can stay on Windows 10?

Is there a program that quickly and easily disables the Windows 11 upgrade so that users can stay locked into Windows 10 indefinitely? The gpedit/registry options are a little bit laborious and I'm ...
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1 answer

How to show CPU percentage number in system tray (taskbar) on Windows 11 (with free app)?

I am a new Windows user. (I come from the Linux world). I would like to show the real-time CPU percentage number (NOT a CU graph) in the system tray (taskbar) on Windows 11. How can I achieve this? ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Need two mouse pointers on Windows 10 & 11

Update: We are having this need now also for Windows 11 You know this concept from your car driving lessons: You have your steering wheel and your pedals and mirrors and the instructor has got his own ...
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