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What is a modern Internet Cafe software for Windows 10/11?

I am looking for cyber cafe software that can run 10 machines, it can be free or paid, but must work for Windows 10 and 11. Required features:- Time slot based (30 minute intervals or failing that, ...
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Parental control: Allow a single app ( restrict all other apps) in Android tab

Is there any way to restrict all other app except one in Android tabs ( if possible kindly mention how to do in Huwaei tabs). As the online schooling going on, need to allow only Zoom ( or Google Meet)...
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Looking for a simple way to make a raspberry pi3 Kiosk showing photos and videos from a USB stick

I'm looking for a very basic and simple way to implement a kiosk with a raspberry pi 3. What I'd like to do is this: startup script that read the content of a USB stick and launch a software to ...
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W10: automatically arrange apps on the screen - something like kiosk mode with split screen

I have some touchscreens in semi-public area where I need to display a webbrowser (probably edge, firefox or chrome) and a second application. Both Apps should start with a specific windows size and ...
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Firefox Quantum multiple Monitor Fullscreen

Is there a software (add-on, standalone, script, whatever) to put the current Firefox (Quantum I think) into fullscreen on a desktop stretched across multiple monitors? It must run on a 2x2 Kiosk mode ...
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Can anyone recommend an Android kiosk app that uses the Chrome browser?

For instance, we've tried Fully Kiosk Browser and Kiosk Browser Lockdown, but they render our web pages too slowly. Chrome renders the same web pages on the same hardware in an acceptably timely ...
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1 answer

I want to turn a Windows 10 machine into a Media center Kiosk

I have a Windows 10 PC, and I want to turn it into a touch screen Media Center kiosk. Basically, I want it to be a media player that lets an end user control ways played. The 'program' should load up ...
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Student Kiosk software for Windows that can limit applications & websites

I am interested in finding desktop replacement software that allows a limited set of applications and websites for an educational setting. This software must be compatible with Windows 7.
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2 answers

Disable copy / paste locally (browser, extension, etc.)

For security reasons, I would like to disable copy and paste in the web browser, of a computer that we're going to make publicly available in my work place. I've seen that, in some computers placed ...