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Document solution Git-like for freezing history + Nextcloud-like for collaboration

TL;DR Context: Making quotations for the clients. We are currently using Google Sheets + Google Docs. Problem: Be able to "freeze a document" against involuntary changes even against the ...
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Note-taking software that uses webdav for synchronization

Ideally it would do Markdown, but plain text, html, or any other open format would be acceptable. So far, I've checked out quite a few software products, none of which do this well. Sublime Text ...
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Ideas for for file serving/collaborating multiple offices and mobile users?

I run a real estate company that has offices in two different cities plus a couple of roaming employees. We have a need for sharing a lot of files between everyone but I'm bumping up against a few ...
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NextCloud Version Control

I plan on hosting a NextCloud instance via a Web-Server at work (due to high PC specs, "always online", and power) to house all my Powershell, Bash and other documentation and scripts for ...
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