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Software that serves as or interacts with a file server

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p2p library/software to synch a file across known servers

I am looking for a way to share a file in a p2p way across multiple servers. The servers know each other, they sit in datacenters, they have connection to each other, but there is a lot of them. There ...
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Is Plex only for media?

I manage a small community organisation with 10 members. We use Google Drive to share files but occasionally run up against our storage limit. Some of the files are mp3 but most are doc, pdf and xlxs ...
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Is there a small web server alternative to Apache which only serves files?

I've written a few scripts in Batch and Bash in the past which download a file directly from my web server. I don't want to use or pay for an external hosting service for this, and I need the files to ...
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Best way to move several files on the same server

I find myself with a lot of files and folders that are not structured well. If they were on a USB drive, I could just move them using my laptop. Unfortunately they are on two raid1 hard drives on a ...
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What it the best file server with Ubuntu Server and Windows 10

I'm developing file server client (Windows 10 Environment) with Electron. But, First I have to decide what file server that I use. So I search it from Google, but it's really hard to find what I want. ...
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Simple AND secure command line HTTP server

A follow-up question to this one from 2012: Does anyone know a simple file webserver that is also secure? Many propose ...
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Ideas for for file serving/collaborating multiple offices and mobile users?

I run a real estate company that has offices in two different cities plus a couple of roaming employees. We have a need for sharing a lot of files between everyone but I'm bumping up against a few ...
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Software distribution

I want to distribute my software, and I want to know what is the best way to do it. My software is an .exe file that uses two dll files, so what I want to distribute is just an .zip file where thoose ...
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Open source web app file share wiki

I'm looking for an open source (language does not matter) web application that lets me make downloads available to users. I would like to be able to have some downloads be available to all users, ...
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Simple file share web application

For my graduation I have to deliver documents to my examiners on a regular bases. There is a solution provided by the school to do this, but is really painful to use. So I am looking for an ...
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Network sharing NTFS drives without a Windows workgroup or homegroup (Linux solutions welcome)

My Super User question is getting zero attention. Nary an answer, let alone a comment. So, perhaps I should look for an app, rather than an o/s based solution. I had a home setup - one desktop PC ...
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Web-based file browser with finely tuneable access control

I have a server running Ubuntu 12.04 which I use, among other things, as a place to store and back up a lot of data. To keep the scope of the question narrow as possible, let's consider only photos. I ...
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SiT! plugin to share files with clients

I am considering using SiT! (Support Incident Tracker) as a helpdesk platform. I would love to use this same platform to share files with clients: contracts, deliverables, etc. Requirements: One ...
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