I plan on hosting a NextCloud instance via a Web-Server at work (due to high PC specs, "always online", and well...free power) to house all my Powershell, Bash and other documentation and scripts for access from home.

Whilst I can use the Web-Browser to download and edit files, I would prefer to implement their desktop clients for ease of use. Whilst I am not sure if my needs are met by this client, I am more looking for an add-on or script to go in unison with this client,but am happy to use another tool.

For reference, it is:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nextcloud-devs/client 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nextcloud-client

(Side Note: If you fail to enter the server's DNS or IP the first time, I suspect you need to clear the program cache and open again).

What I am ideally looking for would be to restrict user access (which is a no-brainer, plus limiting IP Address Connections) but also allow concurrent editing of files and version control. Essentially, the process will be:

  1. User X downloads a copy of deleteyourdomain.ps1 and tests on their instance;
  2. User X then re-uploads the file, and makes the relevant changes in Planner to list the stage they're at (we're also thinking of implementing some other form of notation)
  3. User Y will then perform some work on the same file(s)

What I am looking for here is some form of notification based on rules. For my instance, rules such as:

  1. User X has downloaded this file >X Time frame ago and may still be editing it;
  2. User X has already uploaded a newer file that you've not downloaded or;
  3. User X has made changes since you've last downloaded the files (albeit not re-downloaded or uploaded) and has notes

Because the work being performed will be a decentralised instance, multiple users will login and edit the files at their discretion, and incidentally override other people's work (albeit we may have local copies).

Useful articles I am to read and see how they have been implemented:

In terms of Requirements there are not many requirements (outside the desktop client); we're simply after a nifty file-version control process for the documents stored.

In terms of Wants:

  • Free, and open source;
  • Run on Windows, Linux and OSX and;
  • Have stable support/documentation

The client ideally supports encryption by default, of course. I am happy to pay a single payment of $0-75.00AUD for this product should it come with a Support Agreement.



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