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RISC-V Assemblers

We are going to be using a RISC-V softcore on FPGA in our work and are starting to write some basic RISC-V programs to become familiar with the ISA. So far I have been using this (https://riscvasm....
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Retargetable assembler

I'm looking for an assembler which I could easily retarget for the byte code of a simple VM, ideally with a configuration file, if not, written in Ada, C, C++, Java, Python or Rust. Simplicity of ...
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Books On Compilation of C [closed]

Are there any good books that explain: C to Assembly code mapping for x86, for example how a while loop is constructed, how stack frames are constructed, etc. The bit layout of datatypes in C (...
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Assembly code to execution graph visualization

is there a software or lib that visualizes generated assembly (preferred) or C++/C code to a directed graph, witch in turn shows the paths of execution. Something similar like the example in the ...
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Is there a editor for MIPS Assembly .s files?

At the moment I use different text editors, but none of them highlight any code or help in any other way to simplify the code writing. Are there any good text editors out there for MIPS?
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Automate a debugging process

My final goal is to automate the following process: Load a PE executable (32 bits) Go to the program entry point Get the state of all the processor flags and the values in the registers Get the ...
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Machine code parser for Linux

I am looking for a Linux library/tool that can parse machine code instructions, preferably for the Power architecture (ppc64 or ppc64 little endian). I basically want to be able to convert a machine ...
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Understanding computers better with assembly

I am trying to learn how computers work with assembly language. Is there some software, preferably on Linux, that can simulate a CPU with RAM as described in von Neumann's computer architecture, for ...
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Best setup to follow an old book on assembly programming?

I have an old book on assembly programming called "IBM PC & XT Assembly Language: A Guide for Programmers", written by Leo J. Scanlon. It's really interesting and I've already learned a lot about ...
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Assembly IDE Similar to IDA's Graph View

I am looking for a IDE with a similar interface to IDA Pro's Graph View. The procedures and loops are separated nicely and it's easier to understand the code flow. Syntax highlighting would be a bonus!...
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Development environment for OS programming

I started with assembly a few months ago and I'm currently working with SASM and Visual MASM. Now I want to start the challenge of programming a bootloader from scratch. However, my attemps on using ...
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Assembly Debugger

I'm writing code in (amd64/x86_64) assembly that needs debugging, and I'm trying to find a good tool for it. I'm currently using nemiver, but it's more C-centric than I prefer; while I can get it to ...
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Will the EFI Developer Kit 2 create .efi files from Intel syntax assembly code?

I am trying to build EDK2 because I think it will create .efi files from Intel syntax assembly code, but I am having a lot of trouble so I just wanted verification that EDK2 does that before I spend ...
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OS independent bare metal ARM interface for USB devices

I was working through this tutorial to create a basic OS for the Raspberry Pi. In this lesson, the author says that USB is insanely complicated and that he could not find some driver code to plug in ...
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Free Assembly decompiler that makes assembly a little easier to read

I'm not looking for a tool that can magically create good code out of binary files, just something that makes assembly a little easier to read. For example, it would turn add eax,eax lea eax,[eax+eax*...
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GUI tool for analyzing assembly, produced by Java JIT

I know there is a tool, which consumes Java VM output with -XX:+PrintAssembly and have 3-columns GUI: Left column with Java code, The middle one with bytecode and The right one with assembly. ...
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ARM assembly IDE for Linux (compiler, debugger, assembly view …)

I recently began assembly development for a course I'm following and we are using IAR Embedded Workbench IDE for which I did not find a Linux version. What I actually need is a tool to compile and ...
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